Merry Birthday

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This tiny piece of paper goes out to all my friends 
As this Holiday called Christmas 
Brings this year to an end. 
It's now a time of hustle 
Shopping bags and mistletoe 
Putting up your tree, the lights, 
And fighting traffic to and fro. 
It's Christmas carols and Christmas cards, 
It's wrapping gifts and food, 
It's saying "Hi" to Santa 
That puts us in a festive mood. 
But amongst the cheery crowds, 
Decorations and the snow, 
Lies a very special birthday 
Few remember, and some don't even know. 
The reason for the season 
Is the birth of Someone's Son, 
In buying all your presents 
Did you remember to buy Him one? 
He wouldn't want a razor 
Or a fifty dollar tie, 
A brand new tool from Sears, heck no 
He's not your ordinary guy. 
It's Somebody's birthday 
But no need to fill that cart 
For the gift that you should give Him 
Is right inside your heart. 
And Christmas is the holiday 
When our hearts are filled with Peace 
What if we gave that gift all year 
At every birthday feast? 
Can you imagine having Christmas cheer 
With everyone you meet? 
Sounds kind of like His birthday wish 
Is really ours to keep. 
So here is hoping that your Christmas 
Is as beautiful and bright 
As the stars that shone on Jesus 
On that cold December night.