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I looked outside my window this morning and wondered what God would be doing this sunshiny day.

I wondered if He would be spending His extra moments: making a teenager happy, healing someones marriage, guiding a husband with a decision, counseling a neighbor on the death of her mother.

And then I thought--
No. Maybe God has bigger plans: Inspiring some scientist to discover a cure for a disease, getting union and management together to resolve a conflict, feeding the hungry babies of the world, helping the mentally ill to be less sad.

And then I thought some more--
God has so much to do today,
maybe I can help Him by: baking a cake for a teenager, listening to the feelings of a hurting marriage, suggesting a new direction for a husband, taking a bouquet of Peace Tea roses to a neighbor to put on her mother's grave.

God helps me every day. I think I'll surprise Him... and help Him out today.