The Word

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Lord my savior, my salvation
You are the one I believe
In my trial and evil temptation
You are the rock on which I lean

Messiah , Christ and redeemer
In you have I kept my belief
I worry not about my future
For I have turned new leaf

From the evil ways of the world
Turned towards the ray of light
Really very hard have I tried
To follow you with all my might

Impossible it would have been
To come out of the whirlpool
If in me you had not been so keen
Followed evil ways like a fool

By your unfailing love and grace
You redeemed from the devil
Thus I have won the eternal race
With your help I have overcome evil

Look forward for a delightful life
Praising you with all my heart
Standing close to you by your side
For you are the savior of the lot

Thank you Jesus thanks again
For loving me and dying for me
For taking away all my pain
Making me a girl quite free