Seventy Times Seven

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Flooded with thoughts of anger and animosity.
Who should I blame? Don't even speak to me.
You lied, betrayed and insulted me.
Why and how often should I forgive?

Once, twice, three what! Four!
I can't take it, how much more?
Thinking only payback. No sign of humility.
Words of enmity and gossip surrounding me.

One small speck yet it blinded me.
Yet such kindness and love you granted me.
When I needed mercy you were quick to forgive.
Mercy I must show since freely I received.

Now tables are turned, how will it be?
Blessed are the merciful, mercy they will see.
Great clouds of witnesses looking from heaven.
Silent whisper I hear " Seventy times Seven"

It was so simple yet almost escaped me.
Blessings almost lost now all returned to me.
I'm sorry. I was wrong. Please forgive me.
Now I sleep like a child so peacefully.