Sins of the World

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What's going on in the world today?
Why do we let Satan destroy us this way?

I knew once, where the problem was.
Where did we let him sneak in on us?

He has no right to us anymore.
There for we must fight; slam his foot in the door.

He's never content til our lives he has ruined.
We must not pretend but undo what he's doing.

Heartache, confusion & pain.
That's his goal for us.
But our power we must regain and
in the Lord we must trust.

Our power's from Him, it's a tool for us.
To use against satan and cause him to bust.

The Word is our source. We must read it to know,
how to conquer this course, and tell satan to go.

For he is nothing but weakness and dirt.
We must get control, so our lives he can't hurt.

What caused us to miss the path we were on?
For we knew all of this, it was over and won.

Where did we go wrong and let him in?
Once we were strong and conquered such sin.

The question is now that we see we were wrong,
what will we do to once again become strong?