Thank God

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I attend Public School and the school I attend is about 30 miles away from my house. Every morning I hitch a ride from one of my parents to my high school and I take the bus home. About two weeks ago, I was getting off the bus and there was a lady in front of me adjusting her skirt. Annoyed, I yelled at her to move out of the way and that it is rude for her to stand there and do that. I thought nothing else about the situation as I walked my usual route home, from the bus stop. I was crossing the street as usual and I had the right of way.

About half way across the street a man in a Ford truck comes racing at me at about 50 mph. He zoomed pass and didn't even slow down. I cursed at him and continued my walk. As I got a little farther it occurred to me that if the lady I had yelled at hadn't been there, I'd have been in the hospital or worse. Thankful for the lady I prayed to God as soon as that had been brought to my attention. I think this just goes to show, if you have even the smallest faith in God, he's there for you.