The Living Father

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I am a young 20 years old girl...with my own dreams n hope for the future. I am born in a HINDU family but still Christ called me out of the darkness n sin. Its been just 3yrs since I met the Lord. I have slowly grown in Him. I have been attending Church n Prayer meetings in another city where my college is. God has revealed Himself to me in many ways n has touched me.

This is one of my testimonies...April,13th/2001...the day of GOOD Friday. I always wanted to be like my other Christian friends n also wanted to speak in the church like them. And God did hear my prayer again. The pastor of our church asked me to speak in the church on one of the sayings of our Lord on the cross. I thanked God n accepted the offer.

On 13th...I was a little scared...but more than that I was upset because it was the first time I was speaking in the church n wanted one of my family members to be there but didn't realize that who can be a better parent than God. I went on my knees to pray...I was crying...but I didn't want to read the BIBLE but something told me to read psalms 45:2...yes it was my FATHER are most handsome of men,you are an eloquent speaker,you have always been blessed.(today's english version).....That put a smile on my face,I spoke amongst other preachers n yes everybody said that my message was the best. But I say my FATHER is the best n today I appeal to all of u to say with me just as the LORD said"father,into thy hands I lay my spirit."