The Power of Words

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Proverbs 16: 24 "Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul,
and health to the bones."

Oh what power in our words,
spoken as we go our way.
Words can comfort, words can heal,
and words can bring a brighter day.

Words are "matters of the heart" revealed,
Words are "thoughts of the mind"
once concealed.

"Right Words" have healing power
to touch lost sheep wandering
out in the cold,

"Wrong words" have power to bring... pain and sorrow
to a weary soldier's soul.

Warriors in life's battle....
can be wounded in their fight.
Warriors in God's army; who once fought with strength and might.

Weary soldiers must go running....
to the Father when they fall down.
He will pick them up and hold them,
give "shoes of peace"....
to stand on heaven's higher ground.

Words from the Saviour minister...
as they go straight to the heart,
Words of wisdom......words of life,
give weary soldiers a brand new start.

The Father looks down from up above,
speaking words of instruction and love
then they are carried by heaven's
"Holy Dove".

The enemy of our soul rages....
to bring war all across this land.
His army uses "thoughts and words".....
to sow discord in the hearts of men.

Words of anger, words of pride,
secretly spoken about another,
Can separate the closest friends
and harm a sister or a brother.

Oh how the Saviour must desire....
for his children to seek His face,
Oh how He longs to bring comfort....
with "healing words", as we travel in life's race.

One word spoken by the Master can heal many hurts untold,
His words bring such joy and happiness
and satisfy a longing soul.

He's the mender of hearts torn.....
wounded by life's pain or sorrow,
He's the healer who longs to give souls
a brand new hope for each tomorrow.

If your heart has been broken....
by the Master of Disguise,
If you have been wounded.........
by his manifest schemes and lies;

Just look to the Healer
and call upon his name,
With his rod and staff He'll guide you
and then remove all Satan's blame.

Troubles Satan wants you to expect
or watch for in another,
All have to crumble and then fall
with "words of peace" spoken by your "Elder Brother".

Try not to look for faults or failures
changes this life may sometime bring,
Focus instead on all the "good things"
teaching spirits to "joyfully sing".

Each step in this walk which may bring progress along the way,
must be sown with seeds of love,
where thoughts of discord have no place.

Expectations in helping another
must be filled with Words
of the Saviour,
As he leads and guides us....
teaching us Christlike behavior.

So let the Father speak to you
as you look unto the future,
Let him give you words of peace,
then go and sow them to another.

When we stand before His throne
and answer for each deed and word,
Will the things of good discerned......
outweigh those of troubles another heard?

True changes of our Lord breathe new life and join others together,
Dreams given by the Master, will carry us through even stormy weather.

Listen in the midnight hour...
Let Him speak and call your name,
For once you hear the Saviour's voice,
you will never be the same.

John 15: 7: "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. "


A~Ask God to be Lord of every part of your life.

B~Believe He is in control of every situation as Lord.

I~Intercede for others while "abiding" in faith.

D~"Daring to make a difference" while "dwelling in His invisible presence."

E~Expecting only "good things" from changes He makes.

ABIDE and EXPECT To "hear" and "rightfully discern"
His words and will then ask....and it shall be done!
Claim this promise today and be blessed!

"It takes little steps to climb a mountain".

J. P.'s Inspirations (c) 2001