There Is A Hell

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You don't want to believe that there is a hell
For sinners of all kind and those who fell
A place of torment each day and night
Where there will always be darkness and never any light

A lake of fire they say awaits
For those who reject Jesus, the one who saves
There will be suffering; There will be pain
There will be anguish each and every day

Your going to want to run and get away
But your there for eternity and now it's to late
You'll cry to the Lord; You'll plead for your salvation
You'll remember the one who made all creation

You heard that the kingdom of God was at hand
But you ignored His calling and His word you reprimand
You will wish that you had given you life to Him
The one who forgives us and cleanses us from sin

Now it's to late, your time has run out
Jesus came and you did not hear the trumpet sound
You didn't believe that there was a hell
Now do you believe?