This Wall

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Could you understand and would you want to
Can you feel my pain and would you dare to
I believe that none can comprehend
The pride I feel I take glory in
Speak to me not of peace, patience and love
Pain, hurt and despair, these things I want
Intimacy is far from my comprehension
I seek what most would dare not mention
You see this wall I have constructed
Could you scale or measure it NO, you must fear it
So try all you want to destroy my wall
And try you do
You send friends to persuade and dissuade me
But my wall overcomes it
You whisper love to this wall and still it overcomes it
You try all you can
And you fail You see,
I dared you and you failed
Now you try again
Behold a cross before this wall
And you climb upon it
And there you hang
And my wall starts to crumble
3 Nails strike your body and my wall crumbles
A spear pierces your side and my wall crumbles
Thunder and lightning and then it is finished
And there I cower like a child
Broken and defenceless
You come down from your tree of pain
And you whisper love to me and hold me in your arm
s And there lies my wall
Broken and ruined
Your death has overcome it.