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You crossed my mind today I couldn't help but remember the time we spent together and how much you helped me even though some of it didn't hit me at the time and some probably still hasn't hit me.

You did all that you could to help me see but I wanted to stay blind to things I didn't like being in the dark but didn't have the courage to turn on the light I have taken the courage to turn the light on finally yes the bulb has blown out a few times and it took me a while to get the light back on.

But you have helped me gain my courage to turn the light on. And every time you cross my mind I go over things that happened during my stay with you and your family I think about what I could have done and what I really should have done in the different situations I apply it to things in my life now I see my self getting better I am learning to walk with God Instead of walking away from Him.

I learned from you How you carry yourself so others know you walk with the Lord. When your not sure how you turn to Him for answers. How you stand up for what is right I can only hope that one day I will be more like you. For you do as God would do and that is how I want to be And that is the way he wants us to be.