To Whom Shall I Go?

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To whom shall I go
When hope dwindles low,
And somehow the way seems unclear;
Who would understand
The inner demand
Of my soul wrapped in sorrow and fear?

Some seek in their plight
Man's wisdom and might,
Feeling sure that such counsel is good;
But this help so frail
Will certainly fail
If we trust in man more than we should.

O Lord, it is You
So faithful and true
To whom daily my burdens I bring;
Friends really may care,
But they cannot compare
To the love of may Master and King.

For You are God's Son;
To You I shall run,
O Rock, ever steadfast, unmoved;
Though many go 'way,
Lord, always I'll stay
for Your word I have tested and proved.

To whom shall I go
When troubles overflow,
And the tempter God's blessings obscure?
One does understand
Covers me with his hand;
That You are that Christ, I am sure.