What About Me?

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"What about me" are three little words
That are too often used by man.
But God never meant these words misused.
Not ever since time began.

You can tell by the way a man uses these words,
He's trying to get you to see
That his problems are greater! Just listen to him,
For his next words are, "What about me?"

Let us look at the power in these words
When you use them only for you.
The moment you speak, all you see is yourself
And not what you say or do.

We're not always right, but we're not always wrong,
Many things would be better if we
Would just listen to the words that we've said,
And leave out the "What about me?"

It's not easy to undo the damage we've done
When we walk down this path, you see;
For the other person has a side just as real--
Does he say, "What about me?"

I believe the next time, if we'd look and THEN leap
We'd see where our next step should be,
We'd be much more careful waht we say or do
And not whine, "But what about me?"

I'm trying real hard not to use these words
Just to get someone to agree;
Or draw attention to my problems in life
By always saying, "What about me?"

Before Jesus ascended to Heaven, He said,
"I came that all men may go free."
From the manger to the cross, not once did He say
"Heavenly Father, What About Me?"