Why Me Lord?

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The Lord is a God who never fails, but so many a times I sit and ask the Lord why me. And do you want to know why, because when I look around in the world today so many young persons are not serving Christ. They are having a nice life, but me I am trying to worship God who reigns forever and mine life does not seems to be enjoyable.

Sometimes I sit and ask myself why can't I stop serving the lord and go to the worldly pleasures, but then I realize how much suffering he went through just to save a sinner like me I just have t give him all honor and glory.

Sometimes life-road seems so tough and rough , it seems like I cannot go on forever I ask myself WHY ME LORD. But I come to a place where I stop asking the lord that question because he has done so much for me I cannot even stop speaking, I just have to ask the lord WHY NOT ME.

And as I grow more in faith I come to realize those young persons are not enjoying life they are pretending to enjoy life the only real and I mean real enjoyable life you can get is found in the lord Jesus. No matter what people may say there is no regret in serving the Lord as your personal SAVIOR and FRIEND.