A Runaway's Prayer

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Lord, I am a runaway.
I'm on the run all day.
Were always on the go,
some Say, I don't care and so.

Lord, I'm looking for a place to hide.
I may be found at a Hobo's side.
Days we go without food,
And we have changing moods.

Lord, some of us have crazy attitudes,
And some are acting bad and cool.
Others are looking for love
With help it will come from up above.

Lord, some of us run from trouble at home.
Pennies we don't have not even a comb.
Help us cope with what where running from.
I know were smart, but not dumb.

Lord; watch over us through the night,
And guide us in a way that's right.
Remember a runaway in your prayers,
Because it really is a nightmare. Amen