Down By The Overpass

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Down in the town where I lived -
There was a man who lived by the OVER pass.
It was winter time, and he would be OVER dressed.

There were no warm resturants to eat in -
When it was time - for morning, noon, or evening meals
This man happened to find some food that was OVER cooked.

Always, every minute of the day -
He was there morning, noon, and night
Sharing his quarters with another with a large OVER coat.

There was not much to talk about, so -
He would share his stories with another
OVER and OVER and OVER again.

The days came and the days went-
The nights came and the nights went
For the man who lived by the OVER pass.

One early morning the other man shook him-
No words, no sighs, and no movement for
The man who lived by the OVER pass.

The other man heard the screams of an ambulance -
They had came to tend to the man who OVER-dosed,
The man who lived by the OVER pass.

Since you have taken the time to read this story-
Read it OVER and OVER again.
For you may know someone who lives by the OVER pass.

It is sad that people have to live their life that way-
And me-well, er, - I Just rolled OVER and
went back to sleep - right under the OVER pass.