Give Me Light Lord Jesus

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Give me light Lord Jesus.
I need it to set me free.
Give me light Lord Jesus;
shine it bright before me.

Lord Jesus, give me the light.
I need it to guide me through this life.
Lord Jesus shine it bright,
so I may find some peace of mind.

Give me the light Lord Jesus.
Shine it and make me whole.
I do still love you Jesus.
For it was You who saved my soul.

But I've strayed from your light Lord Jesus.
I need you once more to make it shine.
So give me light Lord Jesus;
direct this life of mine.

For you have been my dearest friend
and your light has led me through.
Now I need your light again.
Please bring me back to you.

You've used your light all along I know.
You never turned your back.
But I have had on some real dark glasses,
so shine your light and get me back on track.

Bring me back to you Dear Jesus,
the way I use to be.
Please, once more shine that light
and get Satan away from me.