God Loves You

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For some time, Perry Rollhad carried a small aluminum cross in his pocket with "GOD" stamped on the crossbeam. The "O" was part of the phrase "LOVES YOU" imprinted on the vertical beam.

On a bus trip to visit his grandmother, Perry decided to get something to eat at Union Station's all-night restaurant. When a middle-aged woman sat down at the table across form his, he heard God speak in his spirit, "Give her your cross." Perry reached into this pocket and dug it out.

As he laid the cross on her table, he said,"God wants me to give you this," The woman read the inscription and began to cry. "Are you okay ?" he asked. She nodded slowly and pulled her hand from her purse, along with a 25-caliber pistol.

"I came here to have my last cup of coffee,"she said. "My daughter was killed a few months ago and my husband just left me. I thought God has abandoned me, too." Then she nodded at the gun and said, "Please take it away. I know I'm going to be all right." Clutching the cross to her chest, she walked out the door.