Grandma's Love

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Grandma was so full of love
She could bring peace like a dove
Full of laughter and smiles
That could be seen for miles
So soft and delicate like a butterfly
Oh how she loved to watch them fly by.

She loved to play Dominos and Skip Bo
And when asked to play, she'd say "Let's go."
She claimed she could not cook,
When she did, we could only give the "yeah right" look.
She loved us all so much, she didn't like to see us fight
When going to bed at night, she'd say "Don't let the bed bugs bite."

She strongly loved and devoted to her Lord
Because through Him, everything she could afford.
Although she is in Heaven now,
She is being greeted with a great big bow,
Only to look down on us
To teach and assure us there is no reason to fuss.

Grandma we love and miss you
But we know you love us too
And that is our Grandma's love
Bringing peace like a dove.