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He's the king of all creation he's my Savoir,
He's the one who died so I might live again;
Someday He's coming back to claim me,
Jesus is my Savior's name.

He was sent upon this earth as a baby,
God's purest gift sent from up above;
He grew to be a man without sinning,
He came to bless us with his Fathers love.

He was scorned and rejected by His people,
He was nailed upon a cross to be our curse;
But He never once forgot He loved His people,
And the reason why he came upon the earth.

He came that our sins could be forgiven,
And the face of God once more we could see;
He came that through His death and His rising,
Over Satan He has won the victory.

Now He's coming back some day to claim me,
And to take me back to the Fathers side;
He's coming back to claim His people,
So that with Him they can always abide.