My Beloved

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Another day begins for me
And my search goes on
Hoping for a chance
Noticing as she walks by with a glance
Was there something there
Perhaps the possibility of romance
The look I've seen is so many faces
The deepest darkest colors of Browns, blues and greens
If only I could know what it means
The gentle flutter of the eyes
The chuckle, smile, and surprise
If only I could know what it means
A name I hear so often, whispered in my dreams
If only I could know what it means
This mystery deepens the longing of my heart
I grow dependant on the thought
I'm lost, staring into the sky
I watch as 2 stars begin to collide
And again the thought springs to life
Is true love alive?
Will I find what I am looking for?
Or will it be another empty door?
Will I love you though trial and pain
And will you love me with a love that won't end
Will I cherish the sound of your name
And will you forgive me for the mistakes I've made
My search goes on
And by God's grace it will end
In the happiness and joy of finding life's lifelong friend
If you're out there, hear my prayer
One day we will be together somewhere
And there holding us together will be love hope and care
So I will cherish the vision I have of you
And continue to dream
Till then My Beloved
Peace and sweet dreams