My Little Girl

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I knew a girl with golden hair and little dimple,
So cute, with curly top, just like Shirley Temple.
She wasn't shy -not even when she went along,
For where ever she was, her face sang a song.

Off to the Philippines - a big ship we did ride,
She was always happy, and no frown to hide.
At dinner time to the dining room she would go,
Her favorite waiter was a guy named Pedro.

One minute she lay in her crib - a real Sleeping Beauty,
And when the years slipped by, she remained my little cutie.
Like a lot of dads, I waited for the time she would marry,
She was not for just any Tom, Dick, or Harry.

I look back on time to remember the things she would do,
There was an incident, and it was right out of the blue.
One day at lunch - into her mouth went a big macaroni,
We tried and coaxed -and out it came, it was no phony.

Now, when I look at her picture, with the golden curls,
Shiny and pretty, and wavy just like a flag's furls.
I would say like many dads - that's still my little girl,
And she remains my daughter - and I still call her Sherrill.

Eldon Scott
March 2000