My Love

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If you call to me in truth, honesty, and love;
I will open up the gates of heaven up above;
I will bless your every need; I'll shower you with love,
I will grant your every prayer if you return my love.

For you are very dear to me,
I came that you might live;
I came to set you free from sin,
My life did freely give.

I love you with a love that has,
No beginning - nor no end;
I love you with a love so deep,
I love you child, - my friend.

I love you so each time I call,
And you don't hear my cry;
That in my heart once again,
A part of me does die.

Oh head my voice and understand,
Just why I cry for you;
I cry because until you come,
I can not rescue you.

And although I love you dearly,
If you don't return my love;
With me you'll never make your home,
In heaven up above.

Yes child I love you dearly your all to me and more;
For you I died upon the cross, it's you I came here for
So open up your heart to me, let me love you child of mine;
Let us join together now as one, and let our hearts entwine.