The Day

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In a world full of sin
it was hard to see.
Being blinded by the dark,
in my face indeed.
As the lord kept talkin',
I kept deceivin',
acting horrible in life,
being disobedient.
But the Spirit came to me,
and it knocked on my door.
I opened up slowly,
as I hit the floor.
I could not belive it,
but I had to listen.
So I got on my knees,
and I begged for repentance.
Cryin' out loud,
take away my greed,
the sinful desires,
and the devilish deeds.
Give me a clean heart,
om trying to start over.
To be under Jesus'
command as a soldier.
December 19,
the lord showed me
that I was running out of time.
Stepped out my seat,
and started down the Isle.
I accepted Jesus Christ,
and the preacher started to smile.