The Traveler

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The young man seemed quite out of place
As he walked along the way;
People were asking who he was,
But he wasn't going to say.

His appearance was most unusual;
Flowing gown, and determined pace,
His eyes didn't stray from the road ahead;
And he had this certain grace.

A few people now had gathered,
But didn't try to get too near;
They just followed on in silence,
There was just a hint of fear.

As the market place appeared in view,
He began to slow his pace,
For the first time, now he looked around;
A look of innocence on his face.

As he slowly turned to face the crowd;
A young woman struggled to get through,
With hands raised before her, in prayer;
She alone knew what was true.

She ran straight up to the traveller,
Their arms wrapped in an embrace,
And as she held him tenderly;
A tear ran down her face.

A policeman now came on the scene,
Attracted by the crowd,
He didn't try to interfere,
But stepped back with head bowed.

The young women then took his hand
On this special day;
The silent crowd then parted,
And the "Son" was led away.

"Please don't come down this way again
Its just too dangerous you see" He looked at his mother with an Angelic smile, (Her Son was only three).