Troll On A Stick

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Children are a wonderful thing. A blessing given to us by God himself. I remember a time when I was a child, I snuck a tootsie roll pop with me to bed and fell asleep with it in my mouth. I woke up in the middle of the night discovering to my horror that the sucker had attached itself to a large portion of my hair.

What seemed like hours standing in that bathroom holding back the tears as I yanked hairs out to remove this lollipop, I remember the relief of finally yanking that last bit of hair and discovering how much hair was on that sucker. It looked like a troll doll on a stick and I needed to hide it because I knew I would be in for the biggest spanking of my life if my parents ever found out. So in my little 4 year old mind, I placed it in the best hiding place ever. A place where no one will ever know! I buried it deep within the dirty clothes, in the laundry bin. And by golly! I never did hear about it again in my whole entire lifetime.

Of course, we all know it didn't magically disappear as my mind had thought it had done. I can just picture my mother laughing her little heart out, wondering if she should confront me or not as she held this hairy tootsie pop. Judging from the amount of hair I yank from my head, she probably thought that was punishment enough and let it go at that.