Who Wakes Up The Day?

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Who wakes me up in the morning,
So I can start to play?
My mother does !
But who wakes up the day?

Who turns the light on in my room
so I can have some fun?
My father does!
Who turns on the sun?

Who starts the water in my bath
and closes up the drain?
My mother does!
but who turns on the rain?

Who fixes things when they don't work
when stuff gets cracked or curled?
My father does!
But who repairs the world?

Who hangs my clothes for me to see
right there before my eyes
my mother does!
But who hangs the skies?

Who wakes the day
Turns on the sun?

Make sure the bath
for the world is begun?

Who fixes the world
when it needs repaired?

Who hangs the skies
away up there?

God does!

Have you thanked your loving mother
for getting you up to play?
Have you thanked your father
for working things out okay?
And have you thanked your heavenly father
for waking up the day?