A Friend From He

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Lord, thank you for the friend you sent.
To show me things anew.

To see the light that You bring.
Out of the darkness that I knew.

Thank you Lord for clarity.
To see Your purpose through.

To know the light You shined within.
Was the light revealed in You.

To see not people as they are.
But to show what You can do.

A light that shines in dark places.
As only You will do.

I thank you Lord for the friend you sent.
If even for this time.

For I know the purpose they were sent.
Was to show You glorified!

People come and people go.
But you, Lord. Never leave.

And this, the lesson, we must know.
When someone's sent by Thee.

Thank you Lord for the friend you sent.
And the light I have received.

Thank you for the growing times.
And the darkness now relieved.

Psalm 8:1