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A lighthouse guides,
A lighthouse
warns of rocks, reefs, and currents.
A lighthouse serves as a beacon,
A beacon to guide others safely into port.

A lighthouse is built from strong material,
And reinforced with even stronger materials,
So that it may stand up to the all that may happen to it.
A lighthouse may vary in size, shape, or color.

A lighthouse gives off a light for all,
A light that will be bent by a lens into a powerful central beam,
So that it may shine a bright light to all things around it.
There is a keeper lives in the lighthouse,

To keep it clean and maintain it,
So that it may be tall and strong.
For a lighthouse is built high,
So that it may shine the light to as much as possible.

A coast needs to be lined with lighthouses,
So that the four corners of the world shall be safe,
And there may be light where there is only dark.
For God tells us to be a lighthouse for him,

So that we may shine the light to all,
And bring everyone into his harbor.