Some of the Best

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Matthew was a tax collector
Hated by most,
Yet he was chose as a disciple
By the Lord of Host.

Zacchaeus cheated
Many in his day,
But Jesus dined with him
When He passed his way.

Women were on a level
Far below man,
Yet inside a woman
His life on earth began.

And Samaritans
Were despised by the Jews,
But to a woman Samaritan
Jesus gave the Good News.

Cheaters, adulteresses
Sinful and unclean,
These were the people
With whom Jesus was seen.

Saul persecuted Christians
Until that day,
Jesus blocked his path
Along the way.

He touched his heart
And Paul came to be,
A wonderful example
For you and for me.

David was a murderer
Yet look how he was blessed,
God loved him far more
Than most of the rest.

Moses also
Murdered too,
Check out Mary Magdalene
Me and you.

Look at the examples
Shown above,
No earthly sin
Can hinder His love.

For He takes earthly sin
And throws it aside,
He looks deep in the heart
To see what's inside.

He looks in that place
Where no man can go,
Where the depth of his love
Begins to flow.

So when we see someone
Who is a sinner by far,
Remember this list
And where they now are.

Remember the sins
Listed Above,
Remember He Alone
Measures their love.

And before we hate
And judge the rest,
Look at those God chose
As some of the best.