Strength In Faith

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As I wake into your day
I'll find my self looking towards your way
Into darkness I slept
Unto lightness I woke
Each wake I find my self drawing closer to you O'LORD

With courage you provide might
The might I need to over come thee day
With the Blessings you provide me
I grow more and more like you O'LORD
When in pain you strengthen me and increase my Faith
Faith that keeps me in your hands firmly

What would I do without your Mercy?
What would I do without your Grace?
Who, What and where would some love me like you do?
I will always trust in you O'LORD

As I open my heart to you
I will tell you that I will Love you
In times where I have no hope I will look towards my faith in you, O'LORD

If I am truly to live I will need you in my life O'LORD, My GOD.