Testimony of an American Scientist

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God made the stars in the heavens
The breath of a cool summmer breeze.
He made the warm golden sunbeam
And the dancing leaves on the trees.

He added a sparkling dewdrop
That rests on a crimson rose.
He planted love in a heart, that,
If nurtured, buds, blossoms, and grows.

He formed the laws of our science,
And gave man a mind that might seek
To relieve the pain and the suffering
And strengthen the lame and the weak.

We fly away to the moon
Based on His complex equations,
Then wondrously view from afar
One of His precious creations.

He forged the birth of our nation
From the hearth of justice and trust
Then blessed us with four precious freedoms,
And when we neglect them, they rust.

No, 'tis not out of reach
Of one's comprehension
For 'twas God made these things
Of incomparable dimension.

But the one thing He did
That my mind cannot see:
He hung on a cross
Because He loves me!