Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life

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Look at you
You're all grown up
You're leaving for college
I'll miss you a lot

But before you leave
I want to say
I'll think about you
every day

Welcome to the rest of your life
I hope you live it serving God
It's the one thing that I pray
That Everyone around would say
Look at you you're so happy now
I want to be, so show me how
And you would proudly stand and say
Just ask God, he'll show you the way

What do you mean?
Could it be true
Just ask God
Is all i must do

It sounds so simple
But at the same time hard
You'd tell them
"Put your trust in God"

"Okay I will,
Please pray with me,
Ask the Lord
To help me see"

"You are the one and only God
You make me happy, when life is hard

Thank you for telling me what you know
go live and love, your life is now

And the ultimate prize
That you will gain
Is to see how many
lives God has changed