Where Are The Great One's Now?

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John the Baptist Mary
Clothed in camels hair She was a virgin
He preached repentance God had a special call
He baptized Jesus She kept her faith
I have no death sentence In God she had all

Matthew Peter
Sitting in a tax office Called from the shore
Jesus said, "follow me" He once fished the sea
They ate supper together He was quick to speak
Jesus is all he could see But asked, "Lord,
Please forgive me"

Luke John
The physician who healed Exiled on the Isle of
Wrote about the prodigal Patmos
son God gave a vision
Helped men like Paul Heaven is soon coming
Is it possible he was the The church is on a
one? mission

Paul Past Saints
He was self-righteous So many people
Looking for a fight As the stars in the
God put him on his knees sky
He had seen the light They're all through
the Bible
They lifted you on

Church Me
Through water and blood Now I understand
The church was born They are with you
It's alive and well I am the one now
The devil has to mourn That has your work to