Written by Jack Mann

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There once was a little boy so small
he liked to make a lot of noise
And drove his parents up the wall
With all those kinds of toys

So they wouldn’t let him have a drum
A whistle or a flute
They would only give him rubber toys
The kind you couldn’t toot.

But Grand-paw had a sneaky side
A desire to get back at his son
for all the noise he had made
while still living under the gun

The day finally came when he got his chance
To even up the score
He wore a red suit and a long white beard
And knew the quiet would be no more

For it was Christmas morn and all were still asleep
except for Grand-paw and one little boy
who sneaked down the stairs and into the room
where the tree had a very special toy

It was wrapped in red paper and a big white bow
The anticipation was getting great
For everyone else would be up soon
And then it would be too late

So Grand-paw enticed the little boy
To open the present quick
for there inside was a big red drum
and one really big stick!