Written by Garnett Ann Shultz

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In lollypop land, there's a peppermint sea
'Neath the beautiful shade of a chewing gum tree.
The grass that grows there is a spearmint green,
And the blue of the sky is a heaven supreme.
You walk in the sand that is sugary white;
There are candy-tipped stars that shine
down through the night.

In lollypop land there's a fairy so sweet-
Just a calico queen, all shiny and neat,
A gingerbread house and a rock candy lane
With a red and white fence made of peppermint cane;
An orange-flavored moon, by a cotton fluff cloud,
And gay little elves who are happy and proud.

In lollypop land there's a marshmallow snow,
And the scent of perfume in the breezes that blow.
It's a little girl's dream, and a small boy's delight,
A Santa Claus land from morning till night-
A beautiful smile, and a kind helping hand,
And every day's Christmas in lollypop land.