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This Easter egg is made of gum paste. It is easier to make. And it may be filled with home-made sweets, chocolates and candies.
You can also use it as a container for a small gift, such as a folded and wrapped tie, or a brooch.

What you need:

An egg mold
(preferably a metal one)*
gum paste
a child-safe scalpel or knife

  • Color the gum paste as required. Then roll it out and smooth it into a well-polished smooth Easter egg mold.
  • Work the paste into the mold slowly. Use the knife or scalpel to trim the uneven edge level.
  • Make two and leave to dry overnight.
  • Join the two halves with small blobs of royal icing and allow to set. Trim the join carefully.
  • Alternatively a long fine braid of the paste may be made and used to cover the join.
  • Mold the soft braid around the egg, sticking it in place with an occasional blob of icing. Make a neat join at the bottom of the egg.
  • The egg may be glazed with confectioners varnish to give it a hard shiny finish.
* You can find egg molds at any standard kitchen supplier, craft store or a party supplier.