Halloween Jokes, Quotes and Sayings

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What happened to the girl who wore a mouse costume to her Halloween party? The cat ate her.

Why was the boy unhappy to win the prize for the best costume at the Halloween party? Because he just came to pick up his little sister.

Q: What do birds give out on Halloween?
A: Tweets

Q: What do little trees say on Halloween?
A: Twig or treat

Where's the most dangerous place to go trick-or-treating? On the psycho path!

What did the ghost serve at his Halloween party? Hallowieners!

What did the papa ghost say to the baby ghost? Fasten your sheet belt.

Who did the ghost invite to his party? Anyone he could dig up.

What did one ghost say to another? I'm sorry, but I just don't believe in people.

What did the mother ghost say to the naughty baby ghost? Spook when you're spooken to.

Why didn't the skeleton cross the road? He didn't have the guts.

Why do witches fly on brooms? Vacuum cords aren't long enough.

What was the witch's favorite subject in school? Spelling.

What do you call a fat Jack-O-Lantern? A plump-kin

Where do baby ghosts go during the day? Dayscare Centers

Why do mummies make good employees? They get all wrapped up in their work

Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers? No, they eat the fingers separately...

Where do ghosts go swimming? The dead sea...

What do you do when 50 zombies surround your house? Hope it's Halloween...

What did the three vampires order at the bar? Two bloods and a blood light...

Why isn't Dracula invited to many Halloween parties? Because he's a pain in the neck...