By Linda G. Paulsen

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There was a ship, Mayflower by name; Hey, Ho---
Took a trip, she crossed the main; Hey, Ho---
Full of people seeking peace,
Praying for freedom to increase;
Hey, Ho, Dee-o, Dee-o!
The Pilgrims came to Plymouth Rock; Hey, Ho---
Simple people, sturdy stock; Hey, Ho---
To be free they crossed the sea,
Thanked the Lord on bended knee; Hey, Ho, Dee-o, Dee-o!
How when the crops were gathered in; Hey, Ho---
A dinner party did begin; Hey, Ho---
Pilgrims, Indians, pumpkin pie, Turkey, venison, corn, oh my!
Hey, Ho, Dee-o, Dee-o!
Bet you thought my song was done; Hey, Ho---