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Given below are the top 10 ideas for writing a love letter:
  • One of the most common and the often-used ideas is to write a love letter telling your beloved what you feel for him/her and hand deliver it. Nothing is more beautiful than true feelings. That is why this idea still retains a place amongst the ten best love letter ideas.
  • Take out an old cassette and pull out the magnetic tape inside it. Now, write your feelings on the entire tape with a golden or silver pen. Let it dry and then roll it inside again. Leave the end of the tape inside and attach a note saying, "Pull Me".
  • Take as may roses as the number of letters in your beloved's name. Now attach a slip to each of the rose. On each slip, write a sentence beginning with the different letters in the name, expressing your feelings. For Example, the name is Mary. Now on one slip, you can write M - My beloved, I Love You. On another you can write, A - All I can do now is to love you more and more. Like this, you can pick four roses and write four sentences, one with each letter of her name.
  • Pick out some romantic songs that both of you like. Now, memorize the lyrics and record the songs in your own voice. In the end, tell him/her how much you love him/her and what the songs mean to you.
  • Another popular idea for a love letter is to write a love journal. Take a diary and on each page, write what you like about your beloved or what you feel for him/her. If you can, decorate the diary with some of his/her photographs alone and some of both of you together.
  • Write a letter on the back of a jigsaw puzzle. Now break up the puzzle, pack it in a box and gift it to him/her. Let him/her fit the pieces together and read what you have written.
  • Take a bed sheet and write your letter on it. It will remind him/her of you at the time of going to sleep as well as the moment he/she gets up in the morning.
  • If you have the keys to his/her house, sneak in and write the love letter with lipstick on his/her mirror.
  • The all time favorite method is to write a love letter, tie it with a red ribbon and keep it inside a wine or champagne bottle.
  • You can make you love letter look like it has been written in the past. After writing on a piece of paper, burn its edges slightly. Then, in place of date write "the time I came into this world". Also, do not forget to write in the end that I have loved you ever since love came into existence.