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Just like there are the right ways of proposing someone, there are also worst proposal ways. These ways irritate the other person, rather than, making him/her feel special. So, make sure that you never ever use any of the wrong ways of proposing. Read on to know how not to propose someoneā€¦
  • Never ever propose on the phone. The method is highly impersonal and takes away the romance out of a proposal.
  • Don't use e-mail or chat rooms or short messaging service (sms) to tell someone how much you love him/her.
  • Another wrong way of proposing someone is to ask his/her friend to convey the message. They are your feelings and you need to express them yourself.
  • If your friend is a bit reserved and does not like crowded places, it is better not to propose when too many people are around.
  • Don't try to be too humorous while proposing. Humor is good, but not when are telling the other person how much you love him/her. It is the time to show how sincere your feelings are.